Sunday, September 27, 2009

Scream 4 Movie in 2011

Scream 4The Scream movie series has become cult. The craze around Scream is still alive: a stark example is Halloween with people wearing Scream outfits. So it's no wonder that a fourth installment is being planned.

The Weinstein Company announced indeed the development of Scream 4. Kevin Williamson the writer of the first two films, and story of the third, has been hired to pen the screenplay of Scream 4, and possibly of a new Scream trilogy.

Wes Craven is said to be talk to come back to helm this new Scream movie. He's interested and was quoted as saying:

"It would take it being really as good a script as the first one was, and the pay day reflects what I’ve done for that company."
Director Wes Craven

So he wants to cash in on the franchise, that's all right, after all, he directly contributed to its success.

About the cast of Scream 4, it's been confirmed that Courteney Cox, David Arquette and Nev Campbell will be back.

Sounds like Scream 4 is bound to reignite the scream fury, at least the production team seems determined by gathering the best elements from the previous Scream films.

Production of Scream 4 should start Summer 2010, so it will likely be released in 2011.